Friday, March 4, 2016

Ms. Spell

Ms. Spell
by Ethan Long
Holiday House, 2015, Picture Book

Ms. Spell, a pink-haired zany teacher comparable to the beloved Ms. Frizzle, only instead of a magic bus, Ms. Spell teaches her lessons with a magic wand. Ms. Spell challenges her students to spell commonly misspelled words, such as their, there, and they're, after spelling the word correctly the students are allowed to create their own sentences using the word. When Ms. Spell uses her magic wand to make the first student's sentence about a giant cake a reality, the students quickly catch on with crazy sentences that turn the classroom into a chaotic mess. By working together the students and Ms. Spell are able to return the classroom into order just in time for their spelling test.

Ethan Long brings us another great book with the added bonus of it being a great teaching and learning tool. The book even includes spelling guides "how to study spelling words", "some spelling rules" and "memory aids". The digital illustrations are fun and captivating for young readers and the silly spells cast will have them laughing and even creating silly sentences of their own.

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