Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Display: Geology

Weird But True Rocks
By Carmen Bredeson
Read about different types of rocks like lava bombs, geodes, hoodoos, and moon rocks.

By Eric Ethan
Learn about diamonds and where they can be found.

Smithsonian Handbooks: Gemstones
By Cally Hall
Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike, these field guides make identification of individual specimens sure, simple and straightforward. Each entry has a full color illustration as well as color-coded bands that provide at-a-glance facts for quick reference. Easy to use and beautiful to look at, this series is an invaluable resource for every collector.

Rocks and Fossils
By Margaret Hynes
Delve into the depths of the earth to explore the makeup of the world's fascinating outer layer. Readers will unravel the history of rock, identify the minerals that make them, and find out about their different uses, from building materials to pigments for paints and dyes. The formation of fossils is also explained, allowing readers to uncover the fascinating remains of prehistoric animals and plants.

Smithsonian: Rock and Fossil Hunter
By Ben Morgan
Provides instruction for activities that will make rock and fossil hunting fun to do.

The Rock Cycle
By Melanie Ostopowich
Discusses how rocks change over time, the effects of weathering and erosion on rocks, and how the shifting of tectonic plates affected Earth's structure. Features audio, video, web links, quizzes, activities, and a slide show.

By Christine Petersen
Introduces young readers to diamonds--how they are formed and where they are found; how they are mined; their many uses, from industrial applications in products such as diamond saws and dentists' drills to engagement rings and birthstone jewelry; and how artisans such as diamond cutters and lapidaries use diamonds to create beautiful and useful jewelry.

Groovy Gems
By Christine Petersen
"Groovy Gems” introduces readers to what gems are and how they form, including mineral gems and organic gems. Chapters discuss crystal systems, imitation and synthetic gems, cultured pearls, how gems are used, and their importance throughout history. Sidebars introduce birthstones, precious metals, and conflict diamonds, while a colorful world map indicates where gems are found.

A Rock Can Be...
By Laura Purdie Salas
Rocks may seem like boring, static objects--until you discover that a rock can spark a fire, glow in the dark, and provide shelters of all shapes and sizes. Laura Purdie Salas's lyrical rhyming text and Violeta Dabija's ... illustrations show how rocks decorate and strengthen the world around them.

Extreme Rocks & Minerals
By Melissa Stewart
Learn fun facts about rocks and minerals.

DK Eyewitness: Rocks & Minerals
By R. F. Symes
Examines the creation, importance, erosion, mining, and uses of rocks and minerals.

By Bill Thomson
When a boy and his dog go for a hike, the boy trips on a fossil, and it comes to life, revealing an ancient plant. The boy is so intrigued that he breaks two more fossils that come to life -- a dragonfly and a pteranodon. When these prehistoric creatures collide with present reality, the boy must figure out a way to make things go back to normal.

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