Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Crown of Three

Crown of Three
(Crown of Three: Book 1)
J. D. Rinehart
Aladdin, 2015. Fiction. 407 p.
Here is a new high fantasy series which starts, as many high fantasy do, with a prophecy.  A kingdom is ruled by a cruel and warmongering king.  The prophecy states that when this king has triplets, and the three children overthrow their father, then peace will return.  When the triplets are born the king plans to have them killed, but a kindly magician makes sure that they are well hidden and convinces the king that they have died.  The three, two boys and a girl, grow up in very different circumstances, but through the help of a secret organization, called Trident, eventually come to learn of their destiny and their own amazing powers.

There is something for every fantasy lover here; cool special powers, princes/princess in disguise, ghosts and zombies, exciting battle scenes, faithful companions and evil villains.  The battle scenes are a little graphic so this is not a good choice for readers that are bothered by violence. Give this to readers who liked the Wings of Fire series or Nielsen's Ascendance Trilogy.  This book is available from the library in print and as an audio download.

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