Friday, December 18, 2015

Display: Polar Animals

Frozen Wild: How Animals Survive in the Coldest Places on Earth
By Jim Arnosky
Describes how some animals survive in frigid regions, including muskrats, walruses, and the Arctic fox.

Brrr!: A Book about Polar Animals
By Melvin Berger
Simple text and photographs present the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat of a variety of animals living near the North and South Poles, including humpback whales, seals, polar bears, and penguins.

Polar Animals: In Search of Polar Bears, Penguins, Whales and Seals
By Steve Bloom
Join photographer Steve Bloom's expedition to photograph polar animals in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Baby Animals of the Frozen Tundra
By Carmen Bredeson
Up-close photos and information about baby animals of the tundra biome.

Polar Animals
By Wade Cooper
We can leap and dive. We can swim and slide.

Who Lives Here? Polar Animals
By Deborah Hodge
Introduces animals that are built for living in the extreme cold of the polar regions, including the arctic fox, emperor penguins, snowy owls, and beluga whales.

By Tori Kosara
Explains how various animals prepare for hibernation by stuffing themselves with food so that they can survive during the dormant months and how these animals prepare safe spots, like dens and burrows, so that they will be protected from predators as they sleep.

Survival at 40 Below
By Debbie S. Miller
Miller follows amazing arctic animals that have developed fascinating methods for survival in the Arctic, from frozen fogsicles to hibernating grizzly bears to shaggy musk oxen.

Animal Babies in Polar Lands
By Jennifer Schofield A simple introduction to the baby and adult animals that live in polar regions.

Polar Habitats
By Barbara Taylor
Reveals the adaptations creatures as varied as polar bears and penguins--not to mention people--have made in order to survive some of the harshest conditions.

Good Morning, Little Polar Bear
By Carol Votaw This picture book features thirteen cuddly Arctic animal babies as they begin their day.

A Bed for the Winter
By Karen Wallace A dormouse encounters many different animals as she searches for a place to spend the winter.

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