Monday, September 14, 2015

Up With Birds!

Up with Birds!
by John Yeoman and Quentin Blake
Andersen Press, 2013. Unpaged. Picture Book

     Far from being a mere cheery salute to avian life, Up with Birds is meant to be taken literally. As our story begins, the Fflyte family is going nuts over birds everywhere. In those days, birds walked, and they were very curious, so if you left the door open even a crack, in they came. Mrs. Fflyte's vacuum cleaner nozzle kept getting clogged up with little birds, and if Mr. Fflyte got caught behind a brace of penguins while trying to drive to work, forget about it.  Might as well go back home. The Fflyte's mostly stayed at home until they decided that if the birds were going to monopolize the ground, the people better take to the air. So they did.  But the birds were so curious . . . .  You will have to read this charming tale, with even charming-er illustrations to find out how birds got to where they were supposed to be and the people did, too.

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