Friday, September 25, 2015

Leo: A Ghost Story

Leo: A Ghost Story
Written by Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Christian Robinson
Chronicle Books, 2015. Picture Book

Mac Barnett has done it again with this charming story about a lonely ghost. Leo the ghost is excited when his abandoned home is finally purchased by a new family. He is pleased to have some company. But when he tries to be helpful around the house, the new family doesn't seem to appreciate his efforts. (Not that I blame them, I'd probably be a little freaked out by objects randomly floating around my house too. ) Being the kind and polite ghost that he is, Leo decides to leave the new owners in peace and find another place to live. And that is when his real adventures begin. This is the perfect ghost story for younger readers who might need their ghosts just a little gentler and sweeter than some of the more frightening tales available this time of year.

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