Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Super Book: Wednesday

Cover image for Wednesday 
by Anne Bertier
Enchanted Lion Books, 2014. Picture book.

Every Wednesday, Little Round, a small orange circle, and Big Square, a large blue square, get together to play their favorite game of pretend. One of them shouts out an object, such as butterfly or flower, and both divide themselves into parts and reassemble into the new shape. But soon Big Square gets carried away and starts transforming into shapes that Little Round can’t make. Will their game be ruined or can they find a way to play cooperatively?
The complementary colors of the bright blue and orange printed on thick creamy paper makes this book a joy to hold and view. The abstract creations made from simple geometric shapes are eye-catching enough for even very young children to enjoy. Preschoolers will be familiar with the complications of trying to play collaboratively with others and will delight in Little Round and Big Square’s creative solutions. Use this book to talk about shapes or as inspiration for an art project.

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