Friday, April 10, 2015

Display: Can You Survive?

Tangled in the Rainforest
By Gerry Bailey
Alone in the rainforest, Joe is suddenly caught in a tropical storm. He uses his science skills to observe the habitat around him to build shelter, find food, and search for help.

Other titles in the series Can Science Save Your Life by Gerry Bailey:
Dry in the Desert
Stranded on an Island
Swept Away by the Storm

Lost in the Antarctic
By Kevin Blake
Would-be explorers and adventurers will relish these survival stories set in some of the world's most dangerous and isolated environments.

Survive Alive: Finding Your Way
By Neil Champion
Gives essential survival tips for navigation in the wild, including using natural means such as the sun and stars and using technology such as compasses and GPS receivers.

Can You Survive the Jungle?
By Matt Doeden
Describes the fight for survival in the jungle.

The Ultimate Survival Guide
By Mike Flynn
Top tips for surviving the wilderness (or your back garden). Switch off your computer game, step outside and learn how to: plot a map; make a weather-proof shelter; navigate using the stars; leave tracking signals for others to follow; bake high-energy survival biscuits and more.

Lost in a Desert
By Meisha Goldish
Would-be explorers and adventurers will relish these survival stories set in some of the world's most dangerous and isolated environments.

Lost on a Mountain
By Meish Goldish
In this book, readers will learn about stories of being stranded on mountains.

How to be a World Explorer: Your All-Terrain Training Manual
By Joel Levy
Describes to young readers how to venture through all the landscapes on Earth as well as through the air, over the seas, and under the waves, plus how to find food and water in the wild, avoid deadly diseases and fight back against man-eating beasts.

Magic Tree House Survival Guide
By Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce
Jack and Annie show readers how to survive their many thrilling adventures.

Survival! Staying Alive in the Wild
By Ross Piper
Presents the science behind the plants and methods used in wilderness survival.

Lost at Sea
By G. S. Prentzas
Tells the story of two teenagers who survived being lost at sea. The book also includes general information about the world's oceans and the incredible creatures that inhabit them.

Can You Survive Storm Chasing?
By Elizabeth Raum
You're a meteorology student fascinated by storms. But Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Situations can quickly turn deadly when extreme weather is involved. What do you do when: you're in a van full of people and a tornado suddenly appears to be headed right for you? A hurricane gains strength along the Florida coast, but you're unable to convince people to leave their homes? A flash flood suddenly strikes, putting you and your friends and family in mortal danger? Experience the life-or-death dilemmas that face storm chasers. You choose what you'll do next. The choices you make will either lead you to safety-- or to doom.

Five Epic Disasters
By Lauren Tarshis
From the author of the New York Times-bestselling I Survived series come five harrowing true stories of survival, featuring real kids in the midst of epic disasters. From a group of students surviving the 9.0 earthquake that set off a historic tsunami in Japan, to a boy nearly frozen on the prairie in 1888, these unforgettable kids lived to tell tales of unimaginable destruction -- and, against all odds, survival. Read their incredible stories: The Children's Blizzard, 1888 The Titanic Disaster, 1912 The Great Boston Molasses Flood, 1919 The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 The Henryville Tornado, 2012.

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