Tuesday, January 27, 2015

100 Things That Make Me Happy

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100 Things That Make Me Happy
by Amy Schwartz
Abrams Appleseed, 2014. Picture Book

This delightful rhyming book simply lists 100 things to be happy about. "Grocery Carts/ Frosted Hearts/ Grandma's Lap/ A Gingersnap."  The 100 things are common place, and varied. "Chocolate  Chips, Camping Trips/ Gold Fish/ Birthday Wish".  Ms. Schwart ends the book with the idea that the best thing of all is time with friends.The happy things are each illustrated with a cartoon pictures showing a child enjoying themselves with the listed item.  The text is artistically typeset using a variety of fonts and colors. Schwartz avoids sensory overload by leaving plenty of white space on each page. This child friendly book affirms that there is always good to be found.

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