Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There's a Pig in My Class!

 Cover image for There's a pig in my class!
There's a Pig in My Class!
by Johanna Thydell
illustrated by Charlotte Ramel
Holiday House, Swedish Edition, 2012
English Edition, 2014, Picture Book

The "loneliest pig in the world" watches the children at the school across the way.  He longs to join them, so he digs under the fence and heads toward the playground.  The children instantly accept him and help him devise a disguise so he can go with them into school.  Pig has a wonderful time hearing stories and singing songs, but at last he is discovered.  He sadly returns to his pen, but soon his new friends come to visit him.  Thydell's story about uncomplicated friendship is illustrated with stylized ink and pastels cartoons. Little details make the characters endearing, like the flies buzzing around Pig when he is sad, and the pig noses the students wear when they come to visit him.  This is a fun import from a talented Swedish author.

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