Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Goose the Bear

Cover image for Goose the Bear
Goose the Bear
by Katja Gehrmann
Translated by Connie Strandling Morby
Sky Pony Press, 2014. Picture Book

Fox finds a delicious looking egg but before he can eat it he bumps into Bear and drops the egg.  Bear picks it up just as a baby goose pops out of the shell. The gosling thinks the bear is its mother, and starts following him around. Bear is impressed that the gosling can scale a tree and swim as well as he can and decides that the gosling is just like him. But the fox has not forgotten the egg. Is the gosling enough like Bear to take care of the fox? This book is another story about an unlikely friendship built on respect. The light-hearted acrylic and crayon illustrations suggest Gehrmann's native Germany. This one would work great as a read a loud, or for a child to read on his/her own.

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