Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Edgar Gets Ready for Bed

Edgar Gets Ready for Bed
By Jennifer Adams
Illustrated by Ron Stucki
Gibbs Smith, 2014. Picture Book

"Once upon a midnight dreary" Edgar the raven doesn't want to go to bed.  Whenever his mother asks him to finish his vegetables, or take a bath, his answer is always "nevermore!"  His patient mother finally gets him to calm down by reading his favorite bedtime story...you guessed it...The Raven by E.A. Poe.  Jennifer Adams, the author of the popular BabyLit board book series, has here created another fun foray into classical literature.  Stucki's primarily black and gray stylized illustrations make use of classic Victorian floral patterns to give the book a child-friendly Gothic feel. The many references to Poe's poem, both in the text and in the illustrations will make parents chuckle, and prepare children for later exposure to the great classic.

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