Thursday, August 21, 2014

What If You Had Animal Hair!?

Cover image for What if you had animal hair!?
What If You Had Animal Hair!?
by Sandra Markle
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam
Scholastic, 2014. 32 p. Nonfiction

What if you had hair like a porcupine?  What about arctic fox hair? This interesting and entertaining nonfiction explores the unusual traits of the hair of several kinds of animal. Did you know that reindeer hair helps them float and that musk oxen have the longest hair of any wild animal? There are nice color photographs of each of the animals featured, and a cartoon of what a child might look like with that animal's hair.  Markle ends the book with some comments about how animals take care of their hair and encouragement for children to take care of their own hair.  This is an interesting science title kids will want to read just for fun. Good for kids second grade and up.

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