Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lion vs. Rabbit

Lion vs. Rabbit
by Alex Latimer
Peachtree, 2013.  Unpaged.  Picture Book

     "Lion was mean to everyone."  And everyone was fed up with it, but no one was brave enough to do anything about it.  Along comes Rabbit, whose stats at the beginning of the book show his total inferiority to Lion except in the brains division where Lion scores a 2/10 and Rabbit scores a 9/10. The animals offer a reward for anyone willing to take on Lion, but no one succeeds until along comes rabbit who is allowed to choose his own contests. He wins marshmallow eating, painting, hopping, and the Quiz Show.  Lion whines and moans and makes excuses every time he loses until Rabbit tells him to pick the contest.  Lion figures he can for sure beat rabbit in a race to the top of the mountain, especially since he starts before the starter's pistol is fired.  But every time he thinks he has a big lead, he sees Rabbit up ahead. Thoroughly defeated, Lion finally agrees to quit bullying the other animals. That night the animals give Rabbit his prize (100 bucks, mostly gazelles) and he prepares to set sail.  But was Lion defeated by Rabbit? or rabbits? Brains demolish brawn in this charming and funny tribute to the little guy. Latimer's pictures are a delight equal to his text.

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