Monday, September 16, 2013

Squirrels on Skis

Squirrels on Skis
Written by J. Hamilton Ray
Illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre
Random House, 2013. Unpaged easy reader.

It began with one skiing squirrel.. then, there were two...then, eighty-five! The people of the snowy town are soon fed up with the squirrels everywhere, skiing down the hall roof, and down the church steeple. The townspeople are desperate for a solution. Sally Sue Breeze, a child reporter, says she will solve the problem of the skiing squirrel infestation. Sally finds the culprit- a rabbit who has cleverly been selling popsicle stick skis and toothpick poles to the squirrels in exchange for acorns. Sally convinces the rabbit to turn his shop into a resort, and the squirrels all flock to it! The ski runs are on the back hill, away from the town. Happiness all around! Ray's story is full of fun rhymes and Seussian spirit. Lemaitre's illustrations are delightful and full of energy. He might be a a contender against himself for a Geisel honor- his other illustrated easy reader (A Pet Named Sneaker) is equally fun!

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