Friday, September 27, 2013

Display - Jake Maddox

Jeff doesn't know how to control his temper, especially when his little brother makes him mad. Logan, one of the captains of the school's wrestling team, thinks Jeff would be a great wrestler. But can Jeff control his anger long enough to win a match?

When a new boy joins the Titans soccer team, Berk, who has always played goalkeeper, is challenged for that position and he must decide whether to hold a grudge or act for the good of the team.

Thirteen-year-old Alexis made the varsity tennis team, and is thrilled. But the older girls are out to make Alexis's season terrible. Can she keep up her self-confidence and step to the net, or will she let the older girls get to her, and lose everything?
Caleb has always batted with the same wood bat until the other team accuses Caleb of cheating by tampering with the bat! Now Caleb is forced to use the aluminum bat. How is he supposed to help his team win when he keeps striking out?
Tabitha has been volunteering with her best friend Rachael at the Rocky Ridge Riding Center for three months, but she keeps getting in trouble because of her lack of focus--can working with the troubled horse, Diamond, help her to save both of them for the Riding Center?
Peter made the varsity lacrosse team, just like his friends said he would. In fact, the coach thinks Peter is one his best players. But one of his teammates, Hurley Johnson, isn't happy about it, and will stop at nothing to make Peter quit. Will Peter give up, or can he prove he deserves to be on the team?
 When Ed learns how to play disc golf at summer camp, he can't wait to play with his best friend, Harry. Soon, star quarterback Gordy wants to play too. With Gordy's help, can the boys convince the football coach that Dribble Creek needs its own disc golf team?
Despite sabotage that put him in a wrist brace for two weeks, Nick is determined to win an upcoming skateboarding competition.
 Julia wants to join her best friend Ava on the cheerleading squad in her new school--but if she is a better cheerleader than Ava, will it damage their friendship?
Mel is thrilled to play on the junior varsity basketball team, but how can she play to win when she does not have teammates on her side?
Jamie, the captain and star forward of the Comets hockey team, thinks everything is perfect. His two best friends, Jill and Brett, are amazing players too. The team is bound for the state championship. But when Jill is told she can't play on the boys' team anymore, and Brettt is hurt during a match, everything starts to fall apart. To make matters even worse, Jamie is pulled from his position to fill Brett's place at goal. Can Jamie make the adjustment and help his team skate to victory - or are they all on thin ice?
 When his mother's job forces them to move to a rural area, Mason joins the Clearwater Middle School football team and finds that it will be up to him to teach them how to win.
Because of an injury, Nadia couldn't practice her balance beam routines all summer. Her ankle is healed now, but she's nervous about being back in competition. It seems like every time she sees her rival, Blaire, her ankle starts to hurt again. Will Nadia find her balance, or will she let Blaire's mean comments keep her from winning?
Relay Race Breakdown
Nick hates running, but his high school gym teacher thinks he is just the right person to fill in for the two hundred meter relay race, and will not give him a passing grade unless he tries--will Nick learn to run or let the team down?

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Ms. Yingling said...

awesome display! these books are so popular with my struggling readers, but I don't know that I will be this clever and creative!