Monday, September 9, 2013

Display - I Love School

By Charles Micucci
Presents a variety of facts about apples, including how they grow, crossbreeding and grafting techniques, harvesting practices, and the uses, varieties, and history of this popular fruit.

By Allison Murray
A story about a girl baking an apple pie and a puppy observing the activities teaches the letters of the alphabet.
By Wendy Pfeffer
With accessible, lyrical prose and vibrant illustrations, this nonfiction picture book explains the science behind autumn and the social history of harvest-time celebrations.
By Bruce Goldstone
The author compiles all kinds of sights, sounds, and scents of the autumn season.
By Jacqueline Farmer
 Where do apples come from? How do they grow? From rootstock to apple pie, learn all about America's favorite fruit. Recipes, trivia, and fun facts included.
Ruth Owens
 Describes some of the signs of autumn, including changes in light and temperature, leaves changing color and falling, the apple harvest, acorns and other seeds, animals preparing for winter, and other differences, and suggests related activities.
By Calvin Harris
Simple text and photographs present an apple harvest in fall.

I Spy School Days: A Book of Picture Riddles
By Jean Marzollo
With a fun learning activity on every page, this book provides you with brainteasers to solve, a classification puzzle to ponder, and much more! The full-colour gleaming photographs and rhymes feature science projects, a puppet theatre, and blackboard scenes.

Emily's First Day of School
By Sarah, Duchess of York
 Emily is nervous before her first day of school, but she has such a good time that she cannot wait until the second day.

Splat and the Cool School Trip
By Rob Scotton
Splat the Cat is so excited when Mrs. Wimpydimple announces that the class will be going to the zoo. While everyone calls out his or her favorite animal--Elephant! Giraffe!--Splat only wants to see the penguins. After all, penguins are perfect; they are black and white, just like Splat! All day long, Splat just can't wait. But when the smallest animal makes the biggest splash and shuts down the penguin exhibit, Splat goes home disappointed and alone . . . or does he?

First Grade, Here I Come!
By Nancy Carlson
Henry tells his mother that he did not like his first day of first grade, but as he describes what he did and learned, he begins to realize that he might enjoy it after all.

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