Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Splat and the Cool School Trip
Rob Scotton
32 pg. Picture Book
Harper/Collins Publishers

"It's Penguin Day!" cried Splat, today his class was going to the Zoo, Splat was so excited he could not sleep, all he could think while he was getting ready for school was, those cute wonderful penguins. Seymour, his mouse friend wants to go with him, but Splat told him he could not, elephants were afraid of mice! Seymour stays behind sad, but wait, he has a plan!
Meantime his teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, is in the bus asking the students about their favorite animals, they all say who their favorite is, and of course Splat's is "penguins."
At the zoo Splat can't wait he is ready to see the penguins, as the are going around a mysterious paper airplane comes zooming around, is it a bird? No! is it a plane?, well sort of, is Seymour on a paper airplane, and he lands....right on the elephant's nose! Oh, My! Elephant end-up on the penguin's pool.
Needles to say Splat did not see the penguins! This book have a cute ending...kids will enjoy and laugh with the adventures of these two friends!

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