Friday, May 17, 2013

I Hate Picture Books!

I Hate Picture Books!
by Timothy Young
Published February 28th 2013 by Schiffer Publishing      
unpaged picture book

I Hate Picture Books is an hilarious parody of popular classic children's books. The little boy is sick and tired of the books his mom reads him being just books! She read him the one about "that kid and his purple crayon" but when he used his crayons to draw on the wall, he just got sent to bed without dinner. He is disgruntled, to say the least. He is not fooled by anything, "cows don't type and there is no possible way that a pigeon could even imagine it could drive a bus"! Even the green ham he found in the fridge was nothing like the book said it would be! As he cleans his room he decides to throw all those ridiculous books in the trash. As each one makes its way into the box he is reminded why he likes them, I mean doesn't like them. Hmm, maybe they aren't so bad after all?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if kids did everything they see characters in picture books do? Boy would there be trouble!

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