Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dirty Gert


Dirty Gert
by Tedd Arnold
Holiday House, 2013.  Unpaged. Picture Book

     From a baby, Gert has loved dirt.  She eats it, plays in it, fraternizes with the worms.  One day she goes out to play in the rain.  "Quite soon she found herself root-bound./ It happily surprised her./ Out came the sun.  Oh, wow!  What FUN!  It photosynthesized her!" Next to Arnold's trademark funny, funny pictures, the best thing about this book is his text with its seemingly impossible "-sized her" repetitions.  And next to the laugh aloud funny text, the best thing about this book is Arnold's hilarious pictures.  There is nothing about this book that kids won't like. A great read-aloud or storytelling performance choice but a master of the genre (and Fly Guy's dad).

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