Saturday, March 23, 2013

10 Plants that Shook the World

10 Plants that Shook the World
Written by Gillian Richardson
Illustrated by Kim Rosen
Firefly Books Ltd., 2013. 126 pages. Non-fiction.

Although you might not consider a mere plant to be world-shaking, reading this rich and informative book will change your perspective. Papyrus is one of the more remarkable plants featured here. It is because of papyrus that we have books today, which truly "opened up the world of communication." Papyrus leaves provided a way for words to be preserved, as well as for books to be created. Gillian Richardson's book eloquently progresses within each chapter, from the roots of the plants' history to how we can benefit from them today. Such details include the pros and cons of its use and where it can be found in the world.

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