Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hattie Ever After

Hattie Ever After
By Kirby Larson
Delacorte Press, c2013. 230 pages. Historical fiction.

Hattie Ever After is the continuing story of Hattie Big Sky. (You won't be lost if you haven't first read Hattie Big Sky, but it would be a shame to not read this 2007 Newbery Honor book.) After struggling to prove up on her inherited Montana claim, orphan Hattie Brooks sets her sights on her next adventure. Following the modest success of her homesteading column for the small town newspaper, Hattie travels to San Francisco in hopes of becoming a real news reporter. The bustling, vibrant setting of post-WWI San Francisco presents a whole new world of challenges for this country girl. The only employment for a woman at the newspaper office is as a cleaner, so she accepts the work. With her smart moves and plucky personality, she tries to earn her place as a journalist. Hattie still writes letters to her beau Charlie, but has yet to answer his proposal of marriage, though he does pop into town for a few surprise visits. Kirby Larson's newest novel is richly layered with adventure and interesting characters; it's another hit featuring Ms. Hattie Brooks- a very admirable (but human!) heroine.

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marlenedetierro said...

HATTIE EVER AFTER is another amazing work of historical fiction by Kirby Larson. It is the direct sequel to her 2007 Newbery Honor winning HATTIE BIG SKY and is told in the same authentic voice of now seventeen-year-old Hattie Inez Brooks.

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