Thursday, January 31, 2013

Display - Spring and Summer

By Jill Katz

Simple text and color photos describes what happens in spring.

By Jill Esbaum
See, hear, and feel the warmth of springtime by reading and learning all about chicks, bunnies, and the other baby animals that come out to play in springtime.

By Allan Fowler
A simple description of the characteristics of spring.

By Ruth Owen
Describes some of the signs of summer, including changes in light and temperature, plants in flower, green leaves, young animals starting on their own, and other differences, and suggests related activities.

By Sarah L. Schuette
Simple text and photographs present what happens to the weather, animals, and plants in summer.

By Sara L. Latta
Read about when summer begins, why do we have seasons, how do summer days help plants grow, and what farmers do in the summer.

 Written by Núria Roca 
Illustrated by Rosa Maria Curto
Discusses the various facets of the summer season, including activities and celebrations, through simple questions and answers.

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