Saturday, December 15, 2012

Display - Holiday Sweets

This display has a sweet added bonus. 
Kids 3-12 can come in and participate in the Christmas candy guessing game!

By Nancy Tuminelly
Provides step-by-step instructions for creating holiday-themed food art, such as reindeer cookies, dreidel pretzels, and creepy popcorn balls; and includes tips on techniques.

By Jenny Vaughan and Penny Beauchamp

Includes easy-to-prepare Christmas recipes from different cultures around the world.

By Lisa Wagner

By Elizabeth McLeod
By Kari A. Cornell
By Ruth Freeman Swain 
Illustrated by John O'Brien
 Provides a brief history of a variety of candies and chewing gum. Includes recipes for sugar paste, fudge, and taffy.

By Sarah L. Schuette
Provides instructions and step-by-step photos for making a variety of simple snacks and drinks with a Christmas theme.

By Jane Breskin Zalben
Presents recipes arranged around twelve Jewish holy days, with background information and anecdotes from the author's Beni stories.

Written by Stephanie Ashcraft
 Photographs by Zac Williams.
Using a cake mix as the primary ingredient, all it takes are a few other additions to make delicious desserts and sweet snacks. Candy Cookie Pops, Bubblegum Bars, Cutesy Cobbler, Tangy and Twisted Trifle, and Luscious Lemon Cake are just a few of the delights found in this book.

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