Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fortune's Folly

by Deva Fagan
Henry Holt, 2009.  260 pgs. Fiction

Life for Fortunata and her father has become difficult since her mother died. Fortunata finds herself forced to make a living telling fake fortunes and pretending to be a ghost in pretend séances that prey upon the grieving and gullible. Then comes the fateful day when she makes up a fortune for a handsome prince. A fortune that she later discovers must come true or there will be dire consequences. Forced to go along with the prince on his travels to make sure her predictions come true, Fortunata must pave the way for her fanciful prophecy to become a reality. Can one clever girl find a way to shape the destiny of an entire kingdom?

This simple story has the feel of a fresh new fairytale. Light-hearted with fun twists and turns in the plot, this story keeps the reader turning the pages to find out what kind of trouble Fortunata will get up to next.

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