Tuesday, April 10, 2012


by Michael Northrop
Scholastic, 2012. 247 pgs. Fiction.

Jack Mogens lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, and sweats baseball, so when he gets to sixth grade, his last year in Little League, he is pleased and proud to have secured the starting spot in left field. But when Jack gets a mild concussion from a beanball pitch against the Craven Yankees (great name, eh?), he gets scared. And when he falls back out of the batter's box on an inside pitch, everyone knows he's scared and they all pitch him inside. Jack fakes an injury to miss the next game, and decides he will have to give up baseball altogether, but an understanding coach, supportive teammates, and his own determination help him get back to the game he loves.
Michael Northrop was baseball editor for Sports Illustrated for Kids for a number of years, and not only knows the game inside and out, but writes about it with grace, energy, and precision.

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