Saturday, April 14, 2012

999 Tadpoles

999 Tadpoles
By Ken Kimura, illustrated by Yasunari Murakami
NorthSouth, 2011. Unpaged. Picture book.

When 999 tadpoles are born, their parental frogs are very pleased--until those tadpoles grow into little froglets and fill their pond home to the max! It's decided that they all must move, but that's no simple feat when the world outside the pond is fraught with dangers for frogs. In an unlikely twist of fate, the frog family experiences a very terrifying situation--fortunately, this family knows the value of team work! Read 999 Tadpoles for a wonderful, funny story about the power families can have when they work together.

The text and illustrations in this book were both great. The funny take on the story is really delightful and many people can probably relate to the overcrowded pond and the froglets' complaints! The simple, childlike illustrations are also filled with humor and perfectly compliment the story. It might not be easy being green, but it's certainly a breeze to enjoy this book!

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