Monday, February 13, 2012

Six Days

Six Days
by Philip Webb
Scholastic, 2011. 336 pgs. Science Fiction

Cass and Wilbur are scavengers--scavs--in a future and mostly destroyed London. Virtual slaves of the Vlad of Russia, they and all other scavs are hunting for an artifact for their masters. No one knows exactly what it looks like, but all know it will give the Vlads unassailable power. Wilbur thinks he knows where the artifact is and often endangers himself and others looking for it. When he is saved from falling off Big Ben by Peyto, an interstellar traveler who with his sister Erin is also looking for the artifact, the game's afoot! Dodging Vlads and the eccentricities of their own spaceship, where sleepers lie waiting to be awakened, the children dash through dangers in and out of the city, trying to save one another and the world. Filled with British slang and modern teen/tween usage, Six Days requires a more careful reading than other books as breakneck-paced, but it is worth the slight effort for the rich reward. The last line of the book--"Now what?"--suggests a sequel, as it also reflects the children's newfound freedom to choose their own path.

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