Tuesday, January 24, 2012


by Philip Waechter and Moni Port, translated by Sally-Ann Spencer
Gecko Press, 2011. Unpaged. Picture Book.

Helena has a pretty good life--she is a talented trumpet player, she loves her little brother, her Mom is gentle and patient. But Helena's father ALWAYS SHOUTS! There is no end to his loud demands and complaints: WHO ATE ALL THE ORANGES? WHO LEFT THEIR SOCKS IN THE HALL? MY EGG IS TOO RUNNY! When Helena asks her mother why her dad is so loud, she is told that he just comes from a family of shouters and perhaps Helena will grow up to be a shouter, too. Helena doesn't want to be a shouter, so she moves away to live with the lady on top of the hill. Helena's father is totally bereft. He promises never to shout again if Helena will come home. Everyone misses her so much they are excited to pieces to see a poster announcing Helena's trumpet concert. At the concert, Helena's father shouts again, but this time he shouts BRAVO! That's the kind of shout Helena likes to hear. Originally published in German, Bravo! is a delightful story of a young girl who knows she can decide what kind of life she wants to have, and a father sensible enough to mend his ways for his beloved daughter's sake. Well done.

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curlyq said...

I love the message that a person isn't destined to follow the bad behaviors of their parents and that we can all choose for ourselves how to be and act. Thanks for another great review!