Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aggie Gets Lost

Aggie Gets Lost
by Lori Ries, illustrated by Frank W. Dormer
Charlesbridge, 2011. 48 pgs. Easy Reader

When Ben takes Aggie to the park he knows she will be a good dog and fetch his ball back whenever he throws it for her. Trouble is, the last throw is too far. Aggie chases the ball but doesn't come back. Ben looks everywhere. She is not by the swing set or the pond. Ben is afraid that Aggie will never be found--and then he is afraid that she didn't get lost, but ran away because he wasn't good enough to her. After a sleepless night Ben goes back to the park and enlists the aid of an unlikely helper who knows how to listen for Aggie. When Aggie comes running back, she is really stinky, but Ben doesn't care and as they head for home,"Aggie gets a head start." A gentle story of a beloved pet, with a satisfyingly happy ending.

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