Friday, June 17, 2011


by Jessie Nelson and Karen Leigh Hopkins
Viking, 2011. 36 pgs. Intermediate.

Zach has always wanted a dog, but is not all that happy when his parents bring home a small, mixed-breed pooch named Larry. Zach wanted a more distinguished pet, but with his endlessly whapping tail, Larry turns out to be just the thing. Is Larry's tail magic? Zach can't be sure, but that tail gets him past the big scary mean kid in the neighborhood, as well as saving his hyperallergic cousin Seymour from an enraged bee. Magic or not, Zach is soon happy as a clam to have Larry lying on the rug next to his bed, his tail thumping gently so Zach knows he is near.

A charming and funny dog story for beginning chapter book readers.

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