Friday, May 27, 2011

Color Changing Animals

Color Changing Animals
by Valerie Yaw
Bearport Publishing, 2011. 24 pages. Nonfiction.

Have you ever wanted to change how you look? This book tells about eight animals that have the power to do just that--changing their colors to hide themselves, startle an enemy, or even communicate. The large, colorful photographs are fascinating and fun to look at, and the author does a great job of explaining how and why each animal changes. One of the most clever is the mimic octopus, who keeps predators from attacking by changing both its color and shape to disguise itself. For example, when a damselfish is about to attack, the mimic octopus will imitate the wide color stripes of a sea snake, and actually bury six of its arms in the sand so that only two are showing. It spreads these arms out to complete its sea snake disguise, fooling the damselfish into leaving it alone.

This book is just one of the Animals with Super Powers series. Other great books in this series are Electric Animals, Glow in the Dark Animals, and See Through Animals. They are all excellent choices that would intrigue any reader or listener.

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