Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look! A Book!

Look! A Book!
Written and illustrated by Bob Staake
Little, Brown, 2011. Unpaged picture book.

"HERE'S a CRAZY SEEK AND FIND With images of every kind! So many objects, big and small. Let's see if you can find them ALL...."

Bob Staake's latest work, Look! A Book! is a welcome addition to the picture-puzzles genre. Before the reader begins their hunt, Staake gives a sneak peak through holes in the pages, as well as rhyming clues. This book invites you to dive into a sea of vivid, retro-inspired illustrations, and each scene is more adorable than the one before. There is so much to see and discover, that I suspect this one will be requested at bedtime over and over. But don't fear- parents who are weary of I Spy will really enjoy the expressive drawings and inside jokes. In the scene where museum creatures escape into the big city, a billboard reads "Eat Chocomeal. Kids love it! (Moms not so much)"

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