Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dragon Puncher

Dragon Puncher
By James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions, 2010. 36 pages. Graphic novel.

Dragon Puncher is a superhero cat who is always on the lookout for dragons to slay. He is on such a hunt one day when he runs into a furry little boy called "Spoony-E." Spoony-E is small and funny, and his weapon of choice is a wooden spoon. Unfortunately, Spoony-E can't even defend himself from a butterfly. The dynamic duo follows a trail of drool and finds the dragon. They work well as a team, and are able to slay the dragon together, using punches and the wooden spoon. This is a perfect read for early boy readers. I enjoyed the photographs mingled with bright cartoon line drawings. Author and illustrator James Kochalka uses pictures of himself for the dragon's face, and his son is Spoony-E. His cat is featured as Dragon Puncher. Overall, a fun read!

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