Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anna Maria's Gift

Anna Maria's Gift
by Janice Shefelman
ill. by Robert Papp
intermediate historical fiction
100 pages
New York : Random House, c2010

Anna Maria Lombardini is only eight-years-old when her beloved father passes away. Already having lost her mother years ago, she is sent to an orphanage in Venice. Her father had given her one last gift from his death-bed, a new violin made just for her. The master Antonio Vivaldi becomes her music instructor at the Pieta, and is quite pleased with her mastery of the violin. A fellow orphan is jealous of Anna Maria's talents and throws her precious instrument into the canal. Anna Maria is distraught from losing this last link to her father. She enlists the aid of some friends to scour the city for her violin with surprising results. An intriguing historical fiction story for beginning chapter book readers. Who doesn't love books about orphans and their exciting adventures?

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