Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Shield, Sword, and Crown Series

Weasel, Arisa, and Prince Edoran are three kids living in the same medieval world, but each of them comes from a very different background. Fate will bring the three of them crashing together, and they will soon discover that the future of their world as they know it rests upon their shoulders.

This series is perfect for any boy (or girl) who loves medieval adventures full of sword fighting, magic, political intrigue, and life and death battles that will leave them breathless. Each book is written from the different point of view of one of the three main characters and gives the reader a peek into what it is that makes them tick. Weasel, the mischievous and brave pickpocket who learns to look out for more than his own neck. Arisa, who has the power to tell the future with arcanara cards, is a believer in fate—and in the power of her own wits. And Prince Edoran, a miserably lonely and sad boy who wants only to find a way out of becoming king. Put these three together and you get one fabulous series! Kids who liked The Ranger’s Apprentice series and The Prydain Chronicles will LOVE this series as well!

Shield of Stars (Book One)
by Hilari BellSimon and Schuster, 2007. 267 pgs. Juvenile fiction

Weasel, a former pickpocket turned clerk, knows he must somehow rescue Justice Holis (Weasel’s employer and the only person the boy truly cares about) after the man is taken to prison for treason against the crown. And so does the adventure of a lifetime begin, as Weasel unknowingly sets off a chain of events involving, a resentful and spoiled Prince Edoran, a spirited but enigmatic girl named Arisa, and a lot of by-the-seat-of-your-pants daring do.

Sword of Waters (Book Two)
by Hilari Bell
Simon and Schuster, 2008. 363 pgs. Juvenile fiction

Raised as a bandit, Arisa is a born fighter. So being trapped living life in the castle, attending court, and being forced to act the part of a lady, is about to drive her mad. Arisa mother, who is Prince Edoran’s current military commander, gives her daughter the assignment to hunt down an ancient sword that supposedly has the power to give its barer the right to rule. Arisa is only too happy to oblige—until political intrigue and a murder most foul quickly become part of the mystery she is meant to solve. Before she is through, Arisa will need the help of both Weasel and Prince Edoran to help her save the whole kingdom.

Crown of Earth (Book Three)
by Hilari Bell
Aladdin, 2009. 260 pgs. Juvenile fiction

Prince Edoran is determined to save his best friend, Weasel from certain death at the hands of the rebel bandits who have kidnapped him. But the only way the crown prince can do that is to leave the safety of the castle and dress like a commoner, so he can hunt Weasel down himself in disguise. But how long can a spoil prince who has never had any kind of training, survive out in the real world by himself? Edoran is about to find out.

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