Monday, December 21, 2009

Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus by Kristen Tracy

Camille McPhee Fell Under the Bus
by Kristen Tracy

If Kristen Tracey wins this year’s Newbery I wouldn’t be disappointed at all. Camille McPhee is a regular girl who thinks life is unfair. She has severe hypoglycemia so wherever she goes she has to take a lunch box full of food and gets to eat whenever she wants to in school. One day something tragic happens and she slips on the ice and falls under the bus! She gets dirty, all her food flies out of her lunch box, she almost gets run over, and all the kids make fun of her. This is just one of the unfortunate things that happen in her life. Her dad leaves on an extended business trip after fighting with her mom, her mom in going through a midlife crisis, and her best friend has moved to Japan and hasn’t even written her yet. This book was funny and everyone can relate to Camille when she feels as if everything in her life is going wrong. I enjoyed every minute of it!

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