Friday, October 2, 2009

The Seeing Stick by Jane Yolen

The Seeing Stick was originally published in 1977; however, the book has been re-released with new breathtaking pictures. Hwei Ming is the emperor’s daughter. She has the perfect life except that she is blind. One day the emperor sends out a decree offering a fortune in jewels to anyone who can help his daughter see. Monks come from far and wide to help the girl, but just like any other princess story it is the underdog, a little old man, who is able to help her the most.

This is a beautiful and touching story. After reading it I was grateful for my sight and touched by the little old man who spent the rest of his life helping the princess. The story was great, the pictures are fabulous. Some of the pictures are in black and white and some are in color. There is also random embossing in the book which makes some pictures look even more exquisite and makes them almost jump off the page. This is a definite must read. Don’t expect it to be a Caldecott runner however; the illustrator, Daniela Terrazzini, lives in London.

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