Friday, October 2, 2009

Leaf Trouble by Jonathan Emmett

This is the perfect book to welcome fall and its beautiful leaves. Pip Squirrel is shocked one morning when the tree that he lives in starts falling apart. (So shocked in fact, that he falls out of the tree!) The leaves are no longer green but yellow, orange and red. To make matter worse the different colored leaves keep falling off the tree! In a panic Pip starts to race around catching leaves to put back on the tree only to have the wind keep blowing them off again. It isn’t until Pip’s mom comes into the picture that he finds out why the leaves lose their leaves.

The story is cute and one of the best choices for a fall book. I really enjoyed the pictures as well. They consist mainly of vibrant, fall colors. They also have nice texturing and shadowing. Make sure you come check it out at the library, then take a drive up the canyon to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

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