Friday, October 30, 2009

Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler

picture book 2007
illustrated by Barry Gott

Lisa Wheeler is one of my very favoritist authors! Even though it's a 2007, Dino-Hockey is new here at the library and I give it a strong recommend! Whether you're a hockey or dinosaur enthusiast, or just a fan of good writing, you'll enjoy this one. Written in rhyme, as most of Wheeler's books are, Dino-Hockey is a terrific read-aloud, packed with wonderful vocabulary. In addition to dinosaur names, there's lots of words used in hockey but not necessarily exclusive to that sport: puck, referee, check, boards, penalty, face off, etc. The story is fun, loaded with action. Barry Gott's illustrations add to the appeal of this book. The pictures help tell the story but the added little details in the background make the reader linger longer over each page. Take extra time to notice the "DHL" insignia on the ice and the items in the hawker's tray. How about the shards of ice coming off the players skates? Nice touch, Barry.
Dino-Hockey is an excellent choice for bedtime stories or a classroom read-aloud.
Keep it up, Lisa!

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