Monday, September 28, 2009

A Taste for Red

A Taste for Red
by Lewis Harris
169 pages
juvenile fiction
Boston : Clarion Books, 2009

Svetlana (formerly known as Stephanie) is having some trouble adjusting to public school after being homeschooled her whole life. To make things more interesting, Svetlana is convinced she is a vampire. But don't believe any of those foolish stereotypes you hear about vampires, they just aren't accurate. Svetlana only eats red foods (they just taste better). She also sleeps underneath her bed (vampires do like to feel confined, but a coffin is just a little ridiculous)! And she definitely has ESP (didn't you know, vampires can read your mind)! Svetlana quickly determines that her beautiful science teacher is a vampire too? But will they be allies or enemies?

This is a strange little book that I haven't decided if I like or not. Svetlana is an intriguing character as is Ms. Bones her neighbor. Other characters I could've done without. The storyline was an interesting mix of fantasy, mystery and reality, yet it didn't always seem to mesh together. It does appear that this is the first of a series yet I am pretty sure I will not be coming back for more. However, kids who can't get enough of vampire stories will probably enjoy A Taste for Red and eagerly await any sequels.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Good to hear your take on this. I'll read it, but felt the same way when I read the description. Have you read Hautman's Sweetblood? Definitely realistic, but sort of the same theme of a girl thinking that she is a vampire (in order to explain her diabetes symptoms).