Thursday, June 18, 2009

T4: A Novel in Verse by Ann Clare Lezotte

T4 is a fantastic historical fiction book and unlike anything I have ever read before. Paula Becker’s mother got rubella when she was pregnant. This caused Paula to be slightly deaf when she was born; however, when she was sixteen months old she got a high fever which caused complete deafness. Still, life was good for Paula until Hitler came into power and created Action T4. Action T4 was a way for Germany to build up an elite race by killing anyone with disabilities. Paula’s parents and local church leaders saw the horrible injustices being committed and hid the girl before it was too late.

T4 tells Paula’s story in poetry form. It is a deeply moving, quick read. In this period of her life she discovers how to communicate with others, sees the evils of the German empire, and discovers how to be a true friend. As a reader, you will learn information you never knew about the holocaust and the horrible crimes that were committed there. This book is truly a must read, and is short enough you won’t put it down.

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2112 said...

This was a great book. I had no idea that Hitler did this as well. I'm glad you reviewed it for us.