Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Mystery of the Fool & the Vanisher

The Mystery of the Fool & the Vanisher
Being an Investigation into the Life and Disappearance of Isaac Wilde, Artist and Fairy Seeker
by David and Ruth Ellwand
102 pages
Fictional Photographic Journal
Photographer David Ellwand explores an area in England called The Downs. It is a mysterious and magical place where one would expect to have supernatural encounters. Ellwand uncovers an old trunk full of strange paraphernalia including a fascinating journal by fellow photographer, Isaac Wilde. The Mystery of the Fool & the Vanisher is that journal as well as Ellwand's own journal. Full of haunting black and white photos this is an intriguing read for fairy hunters everywhere.
This is one of those books that can not be put cleanly into one category. It is in the fiction section, but reads like a true biography or even an historical description of an archaeological dig. The best way I can describe it is The Spiderwick Chronicles made more realistic for slightly older kids. It was a strange book to read, but I did like it once I got into it. I thought the ending was clever and mysterious, a nice touch to finish off the story.

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