Monday, May 18, 2009

Pirates Drive Buses by Christopher Morgan

Pirates Drive Buses by Christopher Morgan is a hilarious Intermediate book fun of jokes and laughs. One day a pirate and his pig dressed like a parrot pick up two children. The pirate is giving a tour to sea creatures and want to show them what humans look like. (Beware the girl Heidi bites!) During the tour however, Heidi and Billy have to help the pirate get his ship, the SS You Beauty, back from the monkey-crabs. One of my favorite parts was when the pirate tells his rules for bus driving: 1. You can’t wash your clothes when driving. 2. You must never try to say your name into a bucket when you are driving. This is a book that I would suggest to a child who is just learning to read and wants a bigger book. The book is filled with many pictures so the reader feels as if they are reading a larger book while some pages have only a few sentences on it. It is also something I would give to children if they enjoyed Captain Underpants. Not because of potty humor, but just because style and silliness of the book. It’s a great, short read that is sure to make you laugh out loud on numerous occasions.

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