Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bed, Bats, & Beyond by Joan Holub

The sun is coming up so it is time for all good little bats to go to sleep. However, Fink is finding it rather difficult to fall asleep. He has tried counting mosquitoes and that didn't work. Big brother Fang knows just the thing, a nice scary story. When that backfires, bigger brother Batrick decides an exciting adventure story will do the trick. Now Fink is so wound up there is just no way he is going to bed. Sister Batsy says they are all wrong and only a romantic love story will put a little bat to sleep. Nothing works until Mama bat gets home and tells a sweet little bedtime story that quickly has all the siblings sound asleep. A simple little beginning chapter book filled with adorable illustrations, Bed, Bats, & Beyond will be fun to read aloud or to yourself.

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