Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wuv Bunnies from Outers Pace - David Elliott & Ehtan Long

Hercules Smith wakes up Saturday morning thinking it is going to be a typically normal Saturday morning. Boy, is he wrong! There's a giant carrot in his backyard. Wait! It's not just a carrot, it's a space ship! As he is investigating this strange object two large rabbits (I mean Wuv Bunnies) come out of the carrot. After some excruciatingly funny jokes they inform Hercules that it is his job to save earth from the Funny Bunnies (not funny ha-ha) and Triple B. They are starting to take over the earth in Hercules very own town. Their evil plan - to turn all children into giant carrots (not adults - they don't have any flavor). Will Hercules be able to do it? Will his very own dog ruin everything?
The text and illustrations are of a simple nature, but complement each other very well. Young kids, especially boys, will get a lot of laughs out of reading Wuv Bunnies from Outers Pace.

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