Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Travels of Thelonious by Susan Schade and Jon Buller

Thelonious is a talking chipmunk who lives in the The Untamed Forest. He is a firm believer in the ancient legends about humans and his most prized possession is a human artifact (a postcard). When Thelonious' nest is flooded he is washed up far, far away on the banks of The City of Ruins. This strange new world is scary and bewildering to a small animal like Thelonious. With the help of his new friends, a porcupine, a lizard and a bear, he discovers the wonders of canned peaches, books, flight and sweaters.

A new series about talking animals is not something I would normally pick up. However, the alternating chapter styles (text with illustrations and graphic novel format) intrigued me. The Fog Mound series written by Susan Schade and illustrated by her husband Jon Buller will remind readers of the Mistmantle Chronicles by McAllister. Travels of Thelonious is written for a slightly younger crowd and will probably appeal to reluctant readers. This book was a fast and fun read. However, as is the end result of most books, you are left eagerly awaiting the next one - which happens to be called Faradawn.

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