Monday, March 3, 2008

Questors - Joan Lennon

There are three separate worlds that coexist in perfect harmony as long as nothing disrupts their delicate balance. The council that maintains the worlds' equilibrium can foresee the future. Knowing the worlds will eventually encounter great turmoil they decide to selectively breed three young children who when grown will join together and embark on a quest that will result in bringing the three worlds back in sync. The three children are Bryn, Madlen and Cam - one from each of the worlds. Bryn is a boy, Madlen is a girl and Cam is an it. Apparently on Cam's world each person gets to decide their own gender when they reach puberty. Bryn becomes obsessed with trying to figure out what Cam is or will be by asking such questions as "how do you go to the bathroom"? The last page of the book reveals to Bryn what Cam becomes, but not to the reader. The author makes this subplot too important and it detracts from the telling of their actual quest. The author is also rather inconsistent, in the very beginning of the book Cam is referred to as female then after that always an it. I feel that Questors would have been much more exciting if it had focused more on the children's quest and given greater detail of the different worlds.


DeeDee said...

Although I liked this book fairly well I couldn't get all the way through . What does the it become.

The boy who was raised by librarians

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