Friday, March 7, 2008

May I Pet Your Dog? The How-To Guide for Kids Meeting Dogs

MAY I PET YOUR DOG? THE HOW-TO GUIDE FOR KIDS MEETING DOGS; Stephanie Calmenson; New York: Clarion, 2007. Non-fiction.
Harry, the aptly named dachshund, is our young protagonist's guide for how to meet and greet unfamiliar dogs. Harry wants to be friends, so he suggests that the young boy ask the owner, "May I pet your dog?" Depending on the dog's temperament the owner may say yes or no, but if he says yes, Harry has some hints: Put your hand out to the dog, palm down, and let him sniff it. Do not approach the dog head-on; a side approach is better. Do not interfere with a service dog in the performance of his duties. Do not approach a dog that snarls, growls, or bristles. Even with these "do nots," the main thrust of this gentle little book is that most dogswant to be friends, but for child and animal, it's best to know the rules.

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