Friday, February 22, 2008

The Girl in the Castle Inside the Museum by Kate Bernheimer, illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli

The girl who lives in the castle, which is located in a museum, is lonely. Children visiting the museum can see her in the castle if they look very closely. The castle is a strangely beautiful place, full of music, toys, and fun things to do. But loneliness overrides all of these joys. The ethereal and creamy faces of the museum children match those of the dolls, which adds to the overall surreal and dreamlike quality. Included in the end is a interactive activity which will solve the loneliness problem and compel the reader to return to this magical world over and over again.


2112 said...

The story was not my favorite part of this picture book. The end could be a little creepy to some young children. However, the illustrations are gorgeous!

Sara said...

That's interesting. I read the story as completely innocent, magical, and really sweet! The end doesn't seem creepy but 'haunting' and gentle. It seems like on the last page the little girl in the museum really is seeing the reader, as her friend. My daughter, who is three, loves it and kisses the girl on that page! Maybe that's what makes this such a good book. It can seem creepy to some (who might like creepy)and to others it can be read at face value. That makes it a classic for me. I was excited to find this one.

curlyq said...

I, too, felt the story was lacking in quality. It had potential but felt rather unfinished to me. However, the illustrations are incredible, as all Ceccoli's work is, and I love the ethereal quality.